Maryl Janus Katunka

Maryl Janus Katunka is a bounty hunter with a secret identity. When her face makes it onto a wanted poster, it’s her new mission to find out who burned her, clear her name, and exact her revenge.

Maryl’s arc is 3 action-packed episodes long.



Karp is a Mon Calamari with some interesting ideas about how the world works. When one of her outlandish conspiracies prove to be true, she must make the choice: run and hide or face her troubles head-on.

Karp’s arc is 4 mysterious episodes long.



Lucky and his partner, Dice patrol the city, bringing in criminals and cleaning up the streets. But when a routine traffic stop goes horribly wrong, Lucky discovers strange new things about his city and begins a long journey into the depths of Coruscant.

Lucky has two episodes on Coruscant Nights. Lucky’s story continues on Coruscant Nights’ Patreon.


Stassis & Trassk

Stassis and Trassk are Panna the Hutt’s back door boys. An opportunity pops up that they think could be their big break… but is it more than they can handle?

Stassis and Trassk’s arc is 3 comedic episodes long.


Weffig Bongs

Weffig Bongs wanted to stop hugging trees and start bringing in bounties. Follow along as Weffig takes a swan dive into Coruscant’s underworld and endes up in over his head.

Weffig’s arc is 4 musical episodes long.

Yal Vindo

Yal Vindo is out of work. He had to take public transit to get to Coruscant. Well today’s his lucky day. After getting picked up at baggage claim, Yal is given an job that he can’t refuse… literally.

Yal Vindo’s arc is 2 neon-lit episodes long.


Ion, Koh, & Koth

Jedi Knight Ion, along with his two apprentices, Koh and Koth scour Coruscant for a missing droid who’s memory hasn’t been properly wiped in a long time. Their search takes them close to danger… and the dark side.

Ion, Koh, & Koth’s arc is 3 foggy episodes long.


Zee & Anya

Zee and Anya are out for an average stroll through Dac Avenue when they spot something strange down a darkened alley. They try to make it safely home, but they’ve got the feeling they’re being watched.

Zee & Anya’s arc is 3 chilling episodes long.


Karp II

After the events of her first adventure, Karp is ready for a break. When she gets a call from an old friend asking her to join him at a fan convention, she can’t pass up the offer. But when Karp’s involved, danger is always at center stage.

Karp’s second arc is 2 fantastic episodes long.


Zuuk & Jogg

Rumor has it that there are a bunch of strange, ancient droids roaming around a theater in Canyontown. Zuuk and Jogg are looking for a little adventure and a way to make some easy credits. But things might not be as easy as they seem.

Zuuk & Jogg’s arc is 3 eerie episodes long.

Kurt & Karp

Kurt is a big game hunter, Karp is hunting for the truth. Can they work together in the sewers of Coruscant to find a treasure of mythical proportions?

Kurt & Karp’s arc is 5 cryptic episodes long.



Someone has finally recognized all of the hard work that TC-44 does for his clone regiment, and he’s being honored with an award. But a walk through a dangerous city is treacherous for an unarmed protocol droid.

TC-44’s arc is 3 treacherous episodes long.


Mannis & Sul

Sul Dixon is hoping this is the last case before he can retire. An ambassador has been murdered and the only evidence is a piece of paper with a mysterious name written on it: Mannis Orrain.

Mannis & Sul’s arc is 3 investigative episodes long.


Wedge Nosool

Wedge Nosool, private investigator and bestselling romance novelist is hired for what seems like an easy paycheck. A few leads later and he finds himself under heavy fire. What has that Toydarian gotten himself into?

Wedge’s arc is 3 perilous episodes long.

Jon Shondongas

Jon Shondongas had everything he needed in life… until the incident. Now jobless and on the verge of losing everything, his home is burglarised. Jon may have hit his breaking point.

Jon’s arc is 3 destructive episodes long.


Coruscant Nights arcs can be listened to in any order but if you feel the compulsion to listen to our episodes in chronological order, you can refer to the timeline below.