Mark Eberhardt

Game Master and Host, editing, story, art, music, you name it.

Mark Eberhardt is an illustrator living in Columbus Ohio. Inspired by podcasts like Dice For Brains, he picked up his first polyhedral die in early 2016.

Mark Eberhardt is a huge Star Wars nerd. This hat was lost in San Francisco and it took four harrowing months to find a new one just like it.


IG: @MarkCEberhardt

Twitter: @MarkCEberhardt

Favorite Star Wars characters: Sabine Wren, K2-S0, L3-37, Maul, Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus.


Doug Eberhardt

Sometime-GM and co-host, Lucky, Sul Dixon, Jon Shondongas

Doug Eberhardt is an artist, printmaker, and educator living in Western Pennsylvania with his partner Lauren and cat Branwen. His love for science fiction inspires and influences his artwork. He is a big fan of anything and everything Star Wars. He's been playing tabletop roleplaying games regularly since 2016. Doug thinks of himself as a neutral-good. 



Favorite Star Wars characters: Boba Fet, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Young Obi-Wan, Ahsoka Tano.

Seems Fine for etsy.jpg

Nicki Crock

Constant supporter, voice in the credits, the han solo to mark’s chewbacca.

Nicki is a pizza craving, cat loving artist living in Columbus Ohio. 



IG: @nickicrock, @waywardadventureco

Favorite Star Wars characters: Jyn Erso, K2-S0.


Nikki Smetters

The voice of Karp, knows more about coruscant nights than you.

Nikki Smetters is an illustrator living in Columbus, Ohio


IG: @nsmetters


Mary Frances Miller

First in the recording studio, repulsor-fist aficionado.


Cricket Crockerhardt

Destroyer of worlds, aspiring singer

Cricket Crickerhardt was the voice of Darth Vectivus and many stray Lothcats and Tookas around Coruscant.

Cricket was a wonderful little alien and in inspiration to us all.

IG: #cricketdestroyerofworlds

Favorite Star Wars characters: BB-8, Chopper.